Installation plan

To get most out of your hydrogenerator you need to take care of the correct installation. We will help you by creating a plan for you and all you need to do is follow our instructions. You will not suffer power losses due to incorrect installation. Well planned is half done! 

Once you have purchased the device from us and need help on installation, just contact us and we will make an installation plan for you. Please send us the following information about your boat

The more information you can submit, the better plan we can make for you.
Sent the information to our mailbox:

  • Sales order number

  • The boat builder and type

  • Boat interior layout

  • Rudder(s) location(s)

  • Battery technology in use (Lithium, Pb, AGM) and battery voltage

  • Whether there is a BMS system in use (manufacturer, model)

  • Location of the batteries and the distance from the top of the transom to the batteries.

  • Transom dimensions

  • Your proposal for the place of the outboard unit and charger unit in your boat

  • Pictures of the boat and the transom (from front and side)

  • Other considerations regarding the installation place or electrical system.

    You can also contact our resellers who can do the installation service for you. Check our distributors from the main page.