Simply essential for any Blue Water Sailor

Ensure your boat's energy supply!

You can just enjoy sailing without worrying about running out of electricity. Let Remoran Wave 3 - Hydro Generator do its work!

The hydrogenerator worked well keeping the current up during our [electrical] problem

Ari Känsäkoski, Finnish Ocean Racing Association (FORA)

I wouldn't go on a long open-seas leg without a hydrogenerator anymore, due to how steady and reliable charging it provides.

Tapio and Maria Valkeapää-Jylhämö

I was able to test the [Remoran Wave 3] extensively and I am very satisfied. I generate more electricity than I need, especially on downwind courses.

Severin Hummer, Lobster Sailing

Sailing is about the freedom to choose your destination and the journey.
Do not be limited by your electricity supplies!
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Charge batteries 24/7

No need for fuel, works during night and bad weather. As the icing on the cake, you get completely renewable electricity!

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Electricity independence

Remoran generates electricity for your sailboat whenever the boat is moving – Without CO2 emissions, reliably and silently.

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Easy to install

Remoran Wave 3 fits directly on almost any sailboat. Easy to install yourself using our clear instructions. Can be installed in parallel with solar panels.

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Buy yourself a peace of mind and just enjoy sailing!

Remoran Wave 3 Sales package

Sales package includes everything you need for installing the hydrogenerator to your boat. 
In addition to the products below, the package includes mounting accessories, ferrite filter and mounting instructions.
Warranty 2 years 

Remoran Wave 3 Sales package
Well-designed packaging protects the hydrogenerator during transportation. Package can also be used to store the unit.
Remoran Wave 3 -hydro generator

Outboard unit (Variants: GS, GD)

  • Choose the variant from two options: GS and GD, based on the speed of your boat
  • includes a 2 m fixed cable with female connector and a 2 m generator cable with male connector
  • Handle for lifting includes snap lock to rail
  • Innovative angle adjustment 45 degrees
  • Telescopic blade. Small form factor for easy storage
  • Aluminum rig
  • Weight only 7,5 Kg
Remoran Charger 300W

Remoran Charger 300W

  • Power: max. 300W
  • 12V / 24V (automatic detection)
  • Overcharge protection
  • Suits for PB, AGM, Lithium batteries
  • Smart charging with battery maintenance algorithm
  • LED indicators for charging states and error reporting
  • Collects information about the charging process viewable using our mobile app
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device
Mounting rail aluminum

Mounting rail

  • Small but sturdy mounting rail
  • Aluminum


  • 3-bladed turbine for all speeds
  • Durable, fiber reinforced plastic
  • Designed specially for Remoran Wave 3 -hydrogenerator

Which variant should I choose?

There are two variants available for Remoran Wave 3, designed for different speed ranges.

Variant name Optimal
speed range
Max. speed
3-10 knots 12 knots (*
5-15 knots 20 knots (*
 * Charger damage may occur at speeds greater than stated unless Protection Relay PR-01 is fitted
hydrogenerator is easy to install


Buy from our Retailer

You are able to find the list of our Resellers from our website. They are happy to help you with all matters related to Remoran Wave 3 -hydrogenerator purchase.

Installation Plan

If you are uncertain on how to install the hydrogenerator yourself or you just like to have information about the installation options for your boat, we will help you to get started.

Start by sending us information about your boat - we will make an installation plan for you!

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