Long Rail Kit


Long mounting rail kit for Remoran Wave 3 -hydrogenerator.
Includes also the mounting accessories.
Select the length of the rail by clicking the radiobuttons.
There are two length available: 70cm and 90 cm.

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Long rail kit enables raising or lowering the Remoran Wave 3 from the water during your trip.

For increased comfort and safety.  The Long Rail Kit allows the outboard unit of Remoran Wave 3 to be fitted onto the rail without the turbine reaching the water. The unit will be held securely at the top position, until you decide to lower it into the water, which can be done under moderate speed (5 knots or less), providing a lubricant has been used on the rail.

Adjusting the angle can be done at any point while the unit moves down along the rail, and should be at the earliest point allowed by your boat's geometry. While under sail, the force exerted onto the unit is higher the lower the generator reaches into the water, making it harder to adjust the lower it is.

In high speeds and larger waves you still need to turn the boat toward wind to reduce speed to 5 knots or less while raising or lowering the unit.